Plantation Wind Mitigation Inspection

Plantation, Florida home insurance requires windstorm insurance. This can be lowered by simply having a Plantation Wind Mitigation Inspection. Insurance companies are worried about the damage to your home due to strong wind storms and hurricanes. They make up for this dangerous expense by charging extra on your premium. 


At the end of a successful Wind Mitigation inspection a professional wind mitigation inspector will hand you a signed wind mitigation certificate. With this document, you can go to your insurance company and, because of Florida’s wind mitigation laws; you will receive a discount from the money you pay for your home owners insurance.


A Plantation Wind Mitigation Inspection looks for a number of things that will qualify you for the certificate. Among them are: shutters, gable end bracings, roof straps, and a secondary water resistant barrier. 


Having a wind mitigation inspection is an easy way to save up to 45% on what you pay for insurance as well as make sure your home can withstand a hurricane. This is at least of equal importance to the money saved from insurance. Hurricane force winds will attempt to rip your roof off and send debris sailing through your windows. You can rest easy after a wind mitigation inspection by a Plantation certified wind mitigation professional inspector knowing everything is working to protect you.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    Save money now! With a wind mitigation inspection you can save money on your home insurance for being wind resistant.  



    A Plantation wind mitigation inspection can save lots of money on your insurance premium. With a certificate signed by a professional Plantation wind mitigation inspector, the Florida law demands a discount on your Plantation Home Owner Insurance.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?

    Learn what shape your home is in. Insurance companies request a four point inspection on older homes to find the integrity of the building.


    The four places that are most likely to fail on an older home are the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roof. These are all essential to a properly functioning home and a certified Plantation Home Inspector will be able to provide you with the information you need to secure these precious structures.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof!

    What kind of roof do you have? Hip roofs can save you money while flat roofs can cost you. A roof inspection will check for both.


    The roof is one of the damaged pieces of a home. It should be checked often with a Plantation Roof Inspection executed by a professional roof inspector. Insurance companies know this and many times they will require home owner’s to check their roofs before being insured.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind!

    Knowledge is power. Full Home inspections offer you a detailed look into every portion of your home or possible residence. 


    Plantation houses can be expensive, so before purchasing, the property should be inspected by a professional home inspector. You should have a full home inspection as a necessary step in any buying plan to avoid disaster later. If you are selling your home, give the new buyer confidence by providing a full home inspection for the customer.